I am delighted to support Dan Goren’s fantastic initiative for the new music magazine Sounds Like Now. Placing performers as central in the equation next to the composers seems the most natural thing in the world to me and I’m keen to read and hear about performers thoughts and tastes in new music and styles.


Really looking forward to reading ‘Sounds Like Now’! Great to have a place to find news and experiences from other composers and performers in the contemporary music world, and a platform to share thoughts and ideas.


We’re excited by the prospect of Sounds Like Now which will be a great addition to the growing interest and conversations around contemporary classical music

Katie Tearle MBE, Director of New Music & Nicholas Riddle, CEO, Edition Peters Group

I’m delighted to hear about the launch of a new magazine which will specifically look at contemporary music in all its forms. We really need this kind of focus so that those who share an interest in the new will know where to look and can explore in greater depth what’s happening and who’s doing it. This is a really exciting initiative and I wish it all the best.

MICHAEL McCARTHY – Artistic Director, Music Theatre Wales

For a long time there’s been a conspicuous lack of serious coverage of contemporary music – so often it’s at best an unglamorous afterthought rather than, as it should be, part of the front line. This is a great opportunity both to show how lively the new music scene is and to open it up to a new audience.


The UK’s new music scene has a decent grapevine, but not even Marvin Gaye heard everything that way. For years now, I’ve wondered why we don’t have a ‘town square’ or forum for all the brilliant, crazy, wondrous, damaged, and just plain skilful and musical work being done here. This is a great initiative by Dan Goren, and I fully support it.

ED MCKEON – Director, Third Ear music producers

This is a very exciting initiative and provides an excellent forum for the huge wealth of UK compositional talent. We at BASCA are more than happy to support this!

GARY CARPENTER – Chairman, Classical Executive Committee and BASCA Director

I’m very excited about a new magazine that will celebrate and champion contemporary music, both demystifying new music for a broad audience and providing a valuable focal point for those already in the know. These are challenging but exciting times for contemporary classical in the UK and Ireland, and I can see Sounds Like Now playing a crucial role in promoting new work, exchanging ideas and forging collaboration. I’m behind it.

DAVID KETTLE – Journalist and music critic, The Scotland, The Daily Telegraph & The Arts Desk

I’m delighted to support this new venture. Contemporary music has been a major part of my life since starting out as the violinist in Sir Peter Maxwell Davies’ Fires of London. I’ve been privileged to have many composers write for me including MacMillan and Nyman and to have taken this music around the globe. I wish you every success.