A collection of works for piccolo showcasing the unexpected range of the instrument

This is a superb collection of modern works for piccolo – most with piano but not all, and wonderfully performed to show the piccolo’s full range, which is wider and more varied in tone than many realise.

Natalie Schwaabe (piccolo) and Jan Philip Schulze (piano).

This album is proudly co-produced with Bavarian Radio.

‘I found the attractive works and the assured playing of Natalie Schwaabe to sustain my interest through an entire CD’s worth of piccolo music. Natalie Schwaabe proves herself herein to be a piccolo player of consummate skill, and pianist Jan Philip Schulze is a most sympathetic and gifted collaborator in the pieces that utilize him. I found the entire CD to be captivating and well-worth exploring, and containing works that will bear up well on repeated listening. Highly recommended to collectors, even to those who might not consider themselves particularly adventurous.’

David DeBoor Canfield (Fanfare)

‘Praise goes to Natalie Schwaabe, an authentic virtuoso of the piccolo, and the pianist Jan Philip Schulze, who manage to make [the programme] stimulating and engaging, with their performances lasting nearly an hour on this recording. Artistic Quality: Excellent. Technical quality; Good-Excellent’

– Andrea Bedetti (Audiophile Sound)

Métier catalogue no.: MSV 28562

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